The Center presents workshops, from time to time, as other programming permits. See the current list below.

The Center workshops motivate individuals to assume a deeper level of commitment to protect Earth and to take leadership roles in accelerating the Northwest movement to create a sustainable future.

For more information, including how to organize a workshop in a community outside of Portland, please contact the Center at 503-227-2315 or

Practice of Hopehope_small.jpg

This three-hour workshop was created to elevate hope among those who seek to create a sustainable culture. Living in a society where “bad news” seems so prevalent, is authentic hope possible?  In the workshop, we explore hope as an intentional act or a practice.

The presentation and small group discussions
cover topics such as the meaning of hope, its relationship to optimism (and pessimism), guiding principles for the practice of hope, specific practices that elevate hope in our daily life, and ways to stay aligned with hope over time. 

For the TEDx talk on the Practice of Hope by co-founders Jeanne and Dick Roy, click here.


The Local Organizer's Toolkit: Essential Knowledge for Change

This three-hour workshop is offered to hone skills for those who seek to be effective agents of change in creating a sustainable culture. Participants explore tested principles, strategies, and skills used to effect local change and to enlist a core group of colleagues to move an initiative along.

Five Voices Calling

Living at a time of advanced ecological degradation, we sense the call of Earth and other species for humans to live in harmony with the natural world.  This three-hour workshop covers the call of Earth through the teaching of five authors, each with an essential message for all of us.

  1. Thomas Berry, author of Dream of the Earth, The Great Work, The Universe Story; and Evening Thoughts.
  2. Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning.
  3. Aldo Leopold, author of A Sand County Almanac.
  4. Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life; and creator of a compelling metaphor, the Great Turning.
  5.  Arne Naess, Norwegian philosopher who coined the term “deep ecology” and authored related papers.

All workshops are presented by Jeanne and Dick Roy, nationally recognized agents of change and regional leaders in the Northwest sustainability movement. Since 1993, they have worked together as co-founders of three local nonprofits: the Center for Earth Leadership, the Northwest Earth Institute, and the Oregon Natural Step Network. Currently, as co-directors of the Center, they provide tools, support, and inspiration for citizens who would like to help create a sustainable future.


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