Path to Zero Waste Presentation


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downtown Portland offices, organizations, and community groups, the Path to Zero Waste has been presented to 70 local organizations and groups, including 14 design professional firms and 20 law firms.

Each year, some Portland families fill only one can of garbage. Yet, the state's latest survey shows that the average Oregonian generates more than 2,500 pounds of waste per year. In this one-hour presentation, Center co-founder Jeanne Roy discusses why this is so and provides practical steps to drastically reduce household waste. 

By recycling, composting, and pre-cycling, we can save natural resources, save energy, and reduce our carbon emissions. All it takes is a more intentional approach and a change of habits.

Jeanne Roy is co-founder of the Center for Earth Leadership, Northwest Earth Institute, and Oregon Natural Step Network. She also founded Recycling Advocates, Portland's Master Recycler program, and the Home Eco-Party program; authored a weekly column on sustainable lifestyle in The Oregonian and This Week Magazine for five years; and serves as an adviser to public agencies on environmental policy matters.


This program is offered at no cost. If you would like to organize a presentation please contact the Center at 503-227-2315 or
We request that your group include at least 15 people.