Home Eco-Party


The Home Eco-Party, conducted over the years in 550 Portland-area homes, is a two-hour interactive gathering where participants discuss how to make their homes more eco-friendly. go-green.jpgA host invites about ten friends, neighbors, or co-workers to a party and provides refreshments. The Center provides a checklist that each participant completes in advance of the party for his/her own home and personal use. At the party, our trained facilitator utilizes the checklist form as a guide for an interactive discussion. 


Topics covered:

  1. Waste Reduction: Setting up effective composting and recycling systems; reducing packaging and junk mail
  2. Toxics Reduction: Identifying toxic products and learning about effective alternatives
  3. Energy Savings: Conducting weatherization audits, testing showerhead flow, installing new technologies for energy reduction
  4. Water Conservation: Saving water through more efficient appliance use and yard irrigation

Why host a party?

  1. Participants, completing a checklist, are introduced to lifestyle issues they may not have considered.
  2. Guests often share their eco-friendly practices and impediments.
  3. Hearing stories from friends, participants are inspired to make changes in their own practices.
  4. All guests, from eco-novices to green home experts, gain new ideas that can be implemented right away.

Facilitators have been trained by Jeanne Roy, Co-Founder of the Center for Earth Leadership and creator of the Home Eco-Party Program and Portland's Master Recycler Program.


Parties are generally held on a weekday evening or a Saturday afternoon. They can be scheduled by a host (at least one month before desired party date) by contacting the Center:
503-227-2315 or