The Center for Earth Leadership trains and motivates Northwest citizens to assume a leadership role in forging a sustainable culture.


This mission anticipates a heightened awareness and intent in the citizen leadership role.  To clarify this opportunity, the Center has coined the term “Earth leadership” with four elements where a citizen may be more forceful in daily life in creating a sustainable culture: 

     (1) being an agent of change within a personal sphere of influence,

     (2) adopting a lifestyle to reduce personal impact on Earth,

     (3) being an assertive advocate for Earth, and

     (4) for some, within the scope of paid employment, promoting sustainable practices.

As a strategy, the Center develops trainings and workshops to promote Earth leadership, creates initiatives targeted at discrete groups where untapped leadership potential exists, and organizes events to support its programs.

A key premise for our work is a belief in the immense potential for citizens, in all walks of life, to be intentional builders of a sustainable culture to supplant a consumer culture that promotes waste and self-indulgence.