Lawyers for a Sustainable Future

In 2006, Center Co-Founder Dick Roy took steps to form Oregon Lawyers for alsf_logo_vertical.jpgSustainable Future (OLSF), a project of the Center for Earth Leadership operating outside the structure of the Oregon State Bar (OSB). As a result of OLSF efforts, lawyers in Oregon are now recognized sustainability leaders within the American legal profession. 

Beginning in 2006, OLSF created programs to encourage lawyers and law offices to pursue sustainable practices. In late 2008, at the instance of OLSF, OSB appointed a task force of 14 lawyers to explore the interface between sustainability and the Oregon legal profession, which included significant representation of OLSF steering committee members. At the recommendation of the task force, OSB has taken several pioneering steps, the most significant being creation of the OSB Sustainable Future Section.

One work product of OLSF that has gained national recognition is a series of six tools for the sustainable law office.

The success of OLSF has spawned initiatives in other states including, for example, Washington Lawyers for Sustainability.

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